Case Study

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Increase in account average outbound CTR

Why Aura?

As a personalised pet food brand, Untamed offers the freshest human-grade ingredients, gently steamed to create dishes your cat will go wild for. Funded and focused on growth, Untamed were in need of a performance creative solution to drive asset volume, testing and more importantly, incremental improvements in performance.

Aura Ads are the best, attentive team and next level customer service!

Sarah Jane — Founder of Untamed

Our approach

The findings from our initial research told us that the pet food subscription space is a noisy one, particularly when it comes to acquisition on paid social. Not only that but, cat owners tend to be highly proud and protective of their pets, making them emotional purchasers. As a result we knew it was important to focus on a) brand presence and b) authenticity.


Our work with Untamed demonstrates the power of a single winning creative.

With over 2.2 million views and thousands of likes, comments & shares it went on to drive acquisition activity in the account for months to come. With a 34% increase in outbound CTR, we solidified our formula for winning creative and could build an iterative creative process moving forward.

Ready to scale?

Ready to scale your DTC business?

With up to 70% of campaign performance rooted in ad creative, we believe in the power of a creative-led growth strategy for your digital channels.