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Mindful Chef, a leading provider of healthy recipe boxes in the UK, approached us with a crucial goal: to bolster their acquisition efforts through compelling, native creative assets. With a surge in acquisition targets projected for Q4 and Q1, Mindful Chef needed a strategic partner to craft engaging content that resonated with their audience across paid social channels.

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Mindful Chef sought to amplify their impact amongst an increasingly competitive landscape on paid social. The challenge lay in maximising acquisition efficiency at scale. We knew that with hefty acquisition targets would come an increase in spend, that would inevitably increase the ingest requirement for new ad creative. 

As a result, we focused our approach on delivering the creative volume required to support the increase in spend, whilst also testing multiple creative angles to determine best performers and optimise performance.

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In order to maximise results, we decided to leverage creator ads (CGC) and whitelisting to produce and amplify native content at scale. Key elements to our approach included.


In order to amplify and maximise the conversion rate, we supported Mindful Chef with whitelisting, enabling them to advertise on behalf of our creators and tap into higher conversion rates.

The right creators

We know that Meta ASC campaigns use creativity to define audience targeting. Therefore in order to maximise the correct audience signalling and ensure our ads were targeting Mindful Chef’s most profitable audience segment, we leveraged older creators, generally 35+ female.

Asset volume

The key to scale is in asset volume, the more we test, the more likely we are to find winners. We were able to produce 100+ pieces of creative, covering multiple creative angles, to amplify testing and improve the likelihood of success.

Concept variety

Every month we provided a diverse range of net-new concepts, tailored to Mindful Chef’s specific audience requirements and informed by testing data. We focused on producing a variety of creative concepts, with an emphasis on authenticity.

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Through a collaborative effort, we delivered a total of 126 bespoke creative assets, across 48 creators, tailored to Mindful Chef's acquisition objectives. These assets encompassed a variety of formats, including captivating new concepts, and trend-led research, strategically deployed across paid social channels to maximise conversion.

A bespoke monthly creative plan was the perfect solution for the volume of assets required, and also to ensure a robust test & learn framework was implemented.

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