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Bark call themselves the ‘Amazon of services’, offering a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of services. They are one of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK and have started to expand into new global markets to assist their growth. 

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Bark approached us with a unique challenge - to ‘crack’ paid social and unlock its scale to match that of their PPC channel. Bark is naturally a search-based brand as those in the market for a service such as cleaning, will go hunting for the best available options in their local area. 

Tapping into high-intent customers via PPC is relatively straightforward. Using a biddable channel like Meta to acquire customers is significantly more challenging, given prospective customers may not be in the market for the service. 

A secondary challenge was rooted in the nature of the Bark business; the fact that it has hundreds of service categories,. The challenge lay in trying to drive results in as many categories as possible, whilst not diluting our energy.

Bark sought out a strategic creative partner like Aura, to lead the initiative. 

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Our approach was a blend of robust marketing strategy and output volume. Not only focusing on the number of ads we were outputting, but also paying close attention to the messaging, content and signaling of our creative. Key elements to our approach included;

Comms strategy

We know that Meta requires strong signals within the creative, to understand which audience to target. We brought the messaging back to basics and focused on calling out the service itself and the price of the service, in order for Meta to optimise faster and more effectively.

Creative strategy

Before Aura, Bark leveraged basic stock imagery in their ad creative. Our output focused on providing new designs with bold headlines that were social-first, as well as leveraging new executions like UGC to improve overall performance.


The key to scale is in asset volume, the more we test, the more likely we are to find winners. Particularly in this instance, as bark had a large number of categories to test. In the first 90 days we provided over 100 unique ads for various categories.

Robust testing framework

We implemented and managed a robust testing structure which enabled us to test new creative and new categories in a systematic capacity. This ability to discern which category and creative combination was

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We enabled Bark to implement a creative growth engine that drove significant impact. The volume of creative we provided, in combination with our guidance on creative strategy, enabled us to rapidly test new categories, and new creative in both the US and UK market.

The speed, scale & and quality of creative was key to the outcomes we were able to achieve for Bark.

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