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Tonies® was founded to enable children to experience storytelling in a digital age that stimulates their imagination while being educational and fun, and most importantly screen-free! Their hero product, the Toniebox® is a magical audiobox that immerses children with rich, story-led content, in worlds they already know and love. Partnering with the likes of Disney, Julia Donaldson and Roald Dahl, the product is truly loved by parents and children alike.

Tonies® were seeking a long-term creative partner to support their ability to scale acquisition on paid social. Whilst performance was their core focus, finding a partner to produce creative at scale whilst also maintaining their brand values, tone of voice and premium core was equally important.

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Our initial objective was to help Tonies® build consideration into Q4  in order to improve acquisition efficiency and overall purchase volume on Meta, YouTube and TikTok. The hypothesis was that by improving brand salience ahead of their key acquisition period (Q4), they could reach new levels of scale across their acquisition campaigns. 

Our role was therefore to support the production of a large volume of on-brand assets, with a variety of creative executions, that focused on educating prospective customers on the benefits of the Toniebox® and ensuring the core product was understood.

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We decided that a mixture of polished, brand-led creative and authentic creator ads (CGC) was the best way to achieve our objectives. Key elements to our approach included.

Strategic direction

In order to achieve the desired results, we knew that our content had to speak to our audience - parents. We dissected core buying angles and pain points for our market, and used this to guide all asset production, ensuring that we covered all bases.

Asset volume

The key to scale is in asset volume, the more we test, the more likely we are to find winners. We were able to produce 300+ pieces of creative, covering multiple creative angles, to amplify testing and improve likelihood of success.

Channel specific assets

Rather than painting the canvas with the same brush, we created bespoke assets for each core channel; Meta, YouTube & TikTok. By optimising for specific channels & placements, we knew that we could improve performance across the board.

Authentic execution

We knew that parents valued the opinion of other parents when it comes to making purchase decisions, so creator ads (CGC) were a key focus for driving consideration & conversion for Tonies. This authentic format is great for building trust.

Brand values at scale

Tonies® are a legacy brand that has a lot of existing equity within the market. It was extremely important that our assets ‘felt’ like Tonies® ads, and by doing so we knew that we could capture a higher conversion rate.

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In the first month alone we produced over 100 assets for Tonies®, across all three key channels. Over the course of 6 months, we produced over 300 pieces of unique ad creative, that enabled a significant amplification in ad spend. 

Our creative quickly shone through from a performance perspective too, driving an uptick in outbound CTR and conversion rate, which ultimately led to a reduction in CPA & enabled scalability. 

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