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Unlimited formats & iterations
Dedicated delivery team
Managed testing campaign
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2 per unique ad
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Video & static
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All (Motion, studio, lifestyle & creator)
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In perpetuity, unless specified
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frequently asked questions

What does limitless on-demand creative actually mean?

We know that success is in creative volume & testing at scale, not in any one asset. Our goal is to give you a constant flow of new ad creative, and maximise the number of assets you're testing at any given time. Ads are produced on an ‘as and when they’re ready’ basis, with lead times varying depending on ad type and complexity.  We endeavor to produce and test as much creative as we can on your behalf.

What is a unique ad?

Any piece of creative that is being put together by our creative team. This could be anything from a static image, repurposing some existing creative or a creator ad.

Unlimited formats & variations, how does this work?

We want to give every unique ad the best chance of success, so will provide all of the appropriate formats deemed necessary for the channel and variations required to maximise win rate (%). This doesn’t mean we will produce 100 variations of the same creative just for the sake of it, but it does mean we’ll do everything necessary to get our ads working. 

What is managed testing?

We build & run an independent creative testing campaign in your ad account, using our proprietary testing framework. All ads that we produce will be tested using this framework. Our goal is to identify winners from losers as quickly and systematically as possible.

What happens when you find winners?

We recommend having a second scale campaign that is specifically for Aura creative. Once we find a winner, we recommend graduating creative to a scale campaign where we can test the creative at higher levels of spend.

What happens when a creative underperforms?

If performance shows some signs of promise (ie. it has a high thumbstop rate, but also a high CPA) we’ll likely give the ad more time in testing and run alternate variations. If the performance is poor across all metrics, the ad will be turned off and we’ll take learnings. 

Who retains creative control?

It’s important that we retain as much creative control as possible as this enables us to have the greatest influence on your performance. We do however want to ensure that our creative feels on brand, so you will always be able to provide feedback to our creative team. You’re also more than welcome to brief in ads at any time, this works great for product launches or new offers that we may want to produce bespoke creative for.

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