Case Study

reduction in CAC
Increase in profitable spend
Increase in outbound CTR
Bella & Duke

Why Aura?

Bella & Duke are the leading pet food subscription company in the UK, creating meal plans specific to your pet's needs. Historically the business performed well on paid social but post IOS-14 struggled to manage growing acquisition costs. A shift in strategy was needed, less technical & more creative in order to optimise in a post IOS-14 world.

Our approach

Given the concerns around CAC, we knew our approach had to be centred around creative testing in order to determine exactly which mix of asset & messaging was going to drive the most profit.


Our work with Bella & Duke demonstrates the power of a single winning creative.

In a short period of time we were able to find a winning combination that drove a 24% increase in outbound CTR and a 50% reduction in CAC, allowing us to increase ad spend and sales volume as a result.

Ready to scale?

Ready to scale your DTC business?

With up to 70% of campaign performance rooted in ad creative, we believe in the power of a creative-led growth strategy for your digital channels.