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Bella & Duke are the leading raw pet food subscription brand in the UK, with over 15+ million meals served and over 28,000 customers. They champion pet health and well-being, advocating for fresh, raw pet-food that is personalised to the unique needs of your pet. Loved by both pets and their owners, Bella & Duke have a strong emphasis on quality. 

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Like many businesses, Bella & Duke really felt the impact of IOS-14 on paid social performance. Acquisition costs in particular grew at an astronomical rate and the business struggled to adapt to the changing requirements of the platform. 

Bella & Duke decided to engage with Aura Ads to take a creative-first approach on paid social, hoping to alleviate the impact of IOS-14 by optimising their ad creative. 

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Given the lack of data, our approach focused on robust creative testing to determine exactly what combination of creative, messaging & offer were going to deliver the best performance. We knew that Bella & Duke hadn’t ‘cracked’ paid social yet, so we wanted to ensure all performance levers were at our disposal. Key elements of our approach included.

Product strategy

We worked with the team at Bella & Duke to refine & optimise their to-market strategy, looking at everything from acquisition offer to target market.

Breed testing

We hypothesised that the engagement of our ads would be rooted in the popularity of the breed we featured in the creative, we tested a wide variety of dog & cat breeds to determine the best performers.

Robust testing framework

We implemented and managed a robust testing structure which enabled us to test new creative in a systematic capacity.


We produced bespoke creative for different pet types, which enabled us to better segment our market and appeal to the unique needs and pain points of our pet owners. This enabled us to find new areas for scale, particularly in the cat segment.

Authentic execution

We knew that pet owners valued the opinion of other pet owners when it comes to making purchase decisions, so creator ads (CGC) were a key focus for driving conversion for Bella & Duke. This authentic format is great for building trust.

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Over a 3 month period, we produced and tested a wide variety of assets covering asset type, messaging, offer, pet breed and copy. We uncovered that featuring Daschunds’ in our video and static ad creative resulted in a higher outbound CTR, stronger conversion rate and ultimately lower CAC. We also uncovered a strong acquisition offer and static combination that drove lower acquisition costs in our retargeting activity.

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