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Are Snapchat Ads Worth It?

July 25, 2023
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Whether snapchat ads are worth it all depends on your specific target market and marketing goals. For example, Snapchat’s user demographic primarily consists of Gen-Z’ers and Millennials, so if this is your target audience, snapchat can be a super effective way to reach and market to your desired customers. On the other hand, if your target audience is in the older bracket or not at all active on Snapchat, investing in snapchat ads might not be worth it. 

That said, for many businesses, there are numerous benefits of using Snapchat ads, some of which you might never have even thought of. But before we dive into these, let's ensure we fully understand how snapchat ads work.

What is Snapchat Marketing?

In short, marketing on snapchat involves leveraging the platform’s features, ad formats, and creative tools to reach and engage with their active users. There are a number of key elements to Snapchat marketing, including: influencer collaborations, organic content, snapchat discover and of course, snapchat ads.

Snapchat ads app
Snapchat ads are an incredibly popular option for businesses with a limited budget, with the average cost per impression being $2.95, compared to $4.20 on Instagram and an even larger $5.12 on Facebook.

Here are 5 reasons why Snapchat ads are worth it for your business:

  1. You can reach a large influential audience
  2. There are a range of targeted audience options
  3. You can easily track the performance of ads & customer behaviour
  4. There are various creative tools and features
  5. It’s a powerful tool for influencer collaborations

1. You Can Reach a Large Influential Audience

As mentioned above, Snapchat sees a huge active younger demographic using the app. In fact, the platform reaches 75% of Gen Z and millennials, with over 319 million people using the app for an average of over 30 minutes per day. 

Interestingly, nearly half of Snapchat users aren’t on Instagram, indicating that Snapchat ads present a large opportunity for you to reach untapped audiences, some of whom might in fact have a higher-than-average tendency to convert.

This likelihood to convert is due to the fact that those aged 17 to 36 are a largely influential and engaged audience. Snapchat is known for being a fast-paced and interactive app where users tend to be more impulsive than other social platforms, like Facebook, mainly due to their age. Snapchat adverts are full-screen, riveting, and aim to quickly engage the user with fun filters and creative content. 

Snapchat Native Advertising 

Also, the fact that Snapchat can seamlessly integrate ads into the user experience (appearing in between stories or within the discover section) is a great way to non-intrusively place your brand and products in front of your desired audience. This native ad approach feels much more natural and less disruptive for the user, making it easier for millennials and Gen Z’ers to engage with and actually enjoy your ads without getting annoyed. 

When it comes to appealing to the needs of the Gen Z audience, a free consultation with a specialist in ad creative could help.

What’s more, millennials and Gen Z’ers  increasingly rely on their friend’s recommendations and thoughts when it comes to their purchasing decisions. Snapchat's clever social communication features, like direct messaging and stories, allow users to share and discuss brands with their friends and/or followers.

snapchat native advertising
As soon as users see their friends endorsing a product through snapchat, they are more likely to make the same purchase.

2. There Are a Range of Targeted Audience Options

Another great thing about using Snapchat ads is that you can ensure you reach your desired audience by targeting certain locations, interests, behaviour and demographics, so your ads are shown to the right people.

Based on these preferences, Snapchat also allows you to create custom audiences based on your own customer data. This enables you to reach your existing customers or create lookalike audiences based on your customer profiles. Lookalike audience targeting allows you to reach Snapchat users who have similar characteristics to your existing customer base, allowing you to expand your reach to users who have similar traits to your desired audience.

What’s more, Snapchat's feature - ‘Snap Map’ - allows you to target users based on their real-time location. This is especially useful for local businesses looking to target people in the nearby area. 

3. You Can Easily Track the Performance of Ads & Customer Behaviour

Snapchat ads provide handy reporting tools and analytics features that allow you to seamlessly track the performance of your ads and also monitor customer behaviour. 

One of the main tracking tools used by the app is ‘Snapchat Pixel’, which allows you to measure the performance of your ads by directly tracking customer actions on your website. By placing a Snap Pixel code on your site, you can track things like add-to-cart clicks, purchases, form submissions, or app downloads that happen as a result of seeing the ads. This data helps you evaluate the effectiveness of each ad campaign and provide insights into customer behaviour. 

Snapchat’s reporting dashboard also offers detailed analytics on ad performance, allowing you to see insightful metrics such as reach, swipe-ups, impressions,views, and engagement rates.

tracking snapchat ad performance
All of this information can assist you when it comes to adjusting and improving your ads for better results.

4. There Are Various Creative Tools and Features

Snapchat has lots of different tools and features that allow you to create engaging and customised ads. Features like AR filters (lenses), geofilters, stickers and emojis are great for enhancing user engagement and creating memorable brand experiences.

If you don’t feel confident creating high-quality ads or you simply haven’t got the time, our expert creative team at Aura Ads can help! We are well-versed in creating scroll-stopping ads on social media platforms such as Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram

5. It’s a Powerful Tool for Influencer Collaborations

Last but not least, Snapchat is a powerful tool for influencer marketing. An influencer’s key role is to promote a brand on their platform with the goal of increasing brand awareness & ultimately, sales. So, if an influencer promotes your product or service on Snapchat, their followers are likely to view it as a personal recommendation and therefore drive awareness, interest, and conversion for your business. You may even decide to collaborate with influencers in your paid ads.

snapchat ads for influencer collaborations
Studies show that almost half of Gen Z’ers (44%) have made a purchase decision based on a recommendation from an influencer, compared with 26% of the general population, showing just how powerful influencer collaborations can be

With up to 70% of campaign performance rooted in ad creative, we believe in the power of a creative-led growth strategy for all of your digital channels. So, if you’re interested in bettering your Snapchat ad creative, get in touch with a member of our team today to see how we can help. 

For more tips and tricks from our experts, head over to our blog page.

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