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How To Create A Video Marketing Campaign

March 1, 2023
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Every year, more and more businesses recognise the many benefits of including video content in their digital marketing strategy. In fact, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and 93% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy.

When done right, video marketing can give you a powerful lead over your competition and drive sales, conversions and dramatically increase your brand awareness. On the other hand, a poorly executed video marketing campaign can be very harmful to your business. 

As a video creative agency, we understand that the world of online videos can be pretty daunting, but we also know that the benefits of video marketing are endless, and we want to help you get there!

This is why we’ve compiled 5 of the best tips to create a successful video marketing campaign that will help you go viral. 

To create a successful video marketing campaign, you need to:

  1. Understand your audience
  2. Get equipped 
  3. Educate your audience and get them thinking
  4. Time it right 
  5. Keep your brand consistent throughout

1. Understand Your Audience

Before any video campaign, or any type of campaign for that matter, you must take time to research and thoroughly understand your target audience.  

Every successful video marketing campaign starts with research, fact. Who is your audience? What are they interested in? What appeals to them? What channels are they predominantly spending time on? 

For example, millennials are 25% more likely to engage with online advertisements than older generations, so if your target audience is millennials, video advertising is the way to go. But while it is clear that video advertising appeals to millennials, content also matters. A study by The Clever Real Estate found millennials following response rate to online ads:

  • Funny ads: 44%
  • Informative ads: 30%
  • Inspiring ads: 16%
  • Emotional ads: 6%
  • Shocking ads: 4%

Producing funny and informative video campaigns are therefore crucial when planning your content for this specific target group. So, whoever your audience are, do your research!

2. Get Equipped 

There's nothing more brand damaging than a poor-quality attempt at video production. Creating high-quality content is crucial for the success of your video campaign as it’s the main part of the whole work that your audience will see. 

To execute your video campaign right, you want to make sure you have the best equipment you can afford. Better yet, you may want to outsource to an Ecommerce Ad Service, especially if you don't feel 100% confident executing videos yourself and would like a helping hand. 

By outsourcing to the experts, You’ll get a much higher success rate and ROI. An example of this is our recent work with Freddie's Flowers:

Freddie's Flowers partnered with Aura Ads to step up the quality of their performance creative and produce beautiful, branded direct response video ads that would convert on paid social. As a result, the brand saw 12% higher conversion rates, 20% higher CTR and 10:1 ROI. 

3. Educate Your Audience And Get Them Thinking

Did you know that 95% of a message is retained when viewed by video compared to just 10% when read - pretty interesting stats right? This presents a huge opportunity for you to teach and educate your audience through your videos. After all, people love to learn, and when you provide your audience with information that they are genuinely interested in and they can use, they’re more likely to stick with your brand. 

Whether you demonstrate how to use your product or offer tips that will make their life easier, educating is a great way to make the most of your video content.

4. Time It Right 

The length of your video is key for nailing engagement, and it's so important you get it right. 

For social channels predominantly used by mobile devices, such as Facebook and Instagram, it is recommended that the videos are 15 seconds or less (so people watch the whole video until the end). Video ads that are 15 seconds or less are also eligible for Instagram Stories and Facebook in-stream placements. 

Although it is recommended you keep the videos short, some placements do support longer videos. Instagram feed and Audience Network placements allow videos up to 120 seconds long, while Facebook feed, Marketplace and Messenger Home support videos that play for up to 240 minutes.

5. Keep Your Brand Consistent Throughout

Having a unified brand message goes a long way toward helping you connect with your target audience. In fact, according to a study by McKinsey and Company, businesses with consistent branding throughout their marketing campaigns are 20% more successful than those without. 

To maintain brand consistency throughout your marketing, you must set clear brand guidelines in which every campaign must follow, organise your marketing assets so they are in one place, use a marketing calendar to organise and plan ahead, and finally, reuse existing content to help fine-tune your message. 


We are Aura Ads, a unique performance creative agency designed for D2C eCommerce brands. We help clients sell more online and grow at scale with our bespoke video and static creative delivered on a monthly basis.

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