4 Facebook Ad Creative Best Practices

March 22, 2023
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As one of the most popular social media apps there is, the reach of Facebook is nothing short of remarkable. To put this into perspective, as of July 2022, Facebook’s global advertising audience is 2.168 billion.

When you consider this number as prospective clients that you can inform and educate about your business and entice customers to buy your products through Facebook ads, it’s clear why so many businesses choose to invest in advertising campaigns on Facebook.

That being said, as more and more companies are saturating the site with ads, the competition for maintaining consumer interest has grown exponentially over the years.

facebook  adcreative
With both Facebook and Instagram under it's ad wing - nailing the creative for this audience will generate sales.

With the demand for engaging and high quality ads growing, failure to follow certain practices when making ads can result in avoidable mistakes.

To avoid making these mistakes, there are a variety of best practices that you should be aware of as a business when it comes to creating Facebook ads. 

Facebook ads creative best practices include: 

  1. Establish who you’re targeting
  2. Write high quality marketing copy
  3. Use video-based ads 
  4. Capitalise off Facebook remarketing 

1. Establish Who You’re Targeting

It might sound basic, but establishing who you’re targeting is an essential practice for creating engaging Facebook ads. 

Clearly defining the audience you’re targeting and what they find interesting and engaging is key to making the most out of your advertising campaigns. 

The information you need to establish through thorough research is:

  • What social media platforms your target audience uses
  • What type of content they engage with consistently on a regular basis (Facebook “likes”)
  • The number of languages your target audience uses
  • What communication your audience relies on

In addition to this information, you can also gain a better understanding of your audience through Facebook’s Audience Insights tool.

Using this tool will not only help you to create relevant and high-quality advertisements that produce more leads, but will also help you to target exactly who sees them to maximise engagement.

2. Write High Quality Marketing Copy

One of the best practices to follow when making a Facebook ad is writing high quality and compelling marketing copy.

Even the most eye-catching of photos can fall flat if you’re not writing high quality marketing copy to go alongside them, and you need your ad to stand out to the 1.968 billion daily users of Facebook.

marketing copy best practices for faceook ads
Split test your copy and work out which generates the highest click-through.

That said, your marketing copy and image need to be a seamless match. This comes down to the fact that failure to choose a relevant image will result in your ad struggling to achieve maximum impact.

In addition to this, it’s essential that your ad has a clear goal and contains a personalised call-to-action that resonates with this goal. According to HubSpot, personalised calls to action are 202% more effective than basic CTAs.

Perhaps you’re trying to increase sales, or maybe you want to gain more likes on your business’ profile page to increase awareness. Regardless of your goal, you need to direct users to a call-to-action and bear this in mind when you’re creating your ad.

3. Use Video-Based Ads

Thanks to the 4 billion video views that occur on Facebook every single day, using Facebook video-based ads is one of the best creative practices you can follow.

Video-based ads are more likely to catch people’s eye and grab their attention. In fact, 80% of people claim that they prefer video content to written content.

However, as Facebook is so heavily saturated with ads, you need to make sure that you take an authentic approach that’s both interesting and informative and combine your video with engaging written content.

Be sure to get out the important information quickly, as you need to engage with your audience within the first 10 seconds and call them to action.

Failure to do so will likely result in them clicking off the video, and you won’t maximise engagement.

4. Capitalise Off Facebook Remarketing 

Capitalising off Facebook remarketing is one of the best practices you can use when making a Facebook ad.

This is due to the reality that retaining customers is 5 to 25 times cheaper than finding new ones.

Facebook remarketing allows you to reach existing leads, enabling you to grab the attention of people who have already interacted with your business in the past.

facebook re-markerting best practice
It's rare that a user will convert after one interaction with your brand, that's why re-marketing has such a high conversion rate.

This can include current email subscribers, previous customers, and even previous website visitors, and is a highly effective way of interacting with prospects that you’ve already had some kind of engagement with.

These leads are essential to the success of your ads, as their potential to convert is significantly higher than a customer that’s never engaged with your brand in the past.

In theory, this will help you to increase conversions and sales through the process of remarketing.


We are Aura Ads, an ecommerce ad service designed for D2C eCommerce brands. We help clients sell more online and grow at scale with our bespoke video and static creative delivered on a monthly basis. For more tips and tricks from our experts, head over to our blog page.

Written by Jemima Thomas for Aura Ads.

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