How to use LinkedIn Stories - 4 Ways

March 1, 2023
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LinkedIn has finally entered the realms of stories by launching a new story function similar to that of Instagram. The feature will allow companies and individuals to publish photos and videos up to 20 seconds long via the platform’s mobile app. Members will be able to post selfies, videos, images, text and customised work stickers that will be visible for the standard 24 hours before disappearing. 

The fact LinkedIn has jumped on the bandwagon is no surprise. There has been a real shift in emphasis towards the medium of video; clear through recent developments in the social sphere including Instagram’s recent launch of their Reels function. 

Stories provide LinkedIn users with a way of connecting and engaging with your audience. Head of LinkedIn UK marketing solutions Tom Pepper says it best; “Stories can become an integral part of brands’ communication strategies. My advice to any brands looking to experiment with Stories is – just do it! The great thing about Stories is that they don't have to be slick or overproduced – as long as they are authentic and match your brand and audience.” 

If you’re new to the Stories feature, or perhaps looking for a way to optimise stories for use on LinkedIn, read on for some interesting ways to use it to its fullest effect.

4 Ways to use LinkedIn Stories:

  1. Show yourself or your brand in a personable way
  2. Share personal or company news in a casual way
  3. Share some 'behind the scenes' footage
  4. Engage with your audience

Here are those 4 methods explained in a little more detail.

1. Show yourself or your brand in a personable way.

LinkedIn Stories provide a space for more light-hearted conversations that relate to work-life, which is great for affiliates. This is especially great during a time where working from home in a busy home environment has become life as we know it. Background noise, homebound children and waist-down pyjamas are now pretty standard for most WFH-ers, so embrace it!

2. Share personal or company news in a casual and immediate way.

LinkedIn is all about showcasing any career or company-related updates. What Stories brings to the table, is a way to bring those announcements to life in a fun and casual way. Shoot a quick selfie video and engage with your audience, add a gif, some fun emojis, or whack on a filter to make the content pop. For brands, this could be a great place to share new promotions, too. 

3. Share some behind the scenes footage

Connect with your audience further by showing an unseen part of your company or home life. For example, brands could provide insight into the making of their products, and a CEO could show off their work-from-home space. The more relatable you are, the better.

4. Engage with your audience

Stories provide a perfect way to boost engagement and ultimately, have some fun! Host Q&As, polls, reveal competition winners, post spontaneous advice or information, or give a shoutout to a colleague or client that deserves one. Positive vibes always achieve a great reaction!

It’s awesome to see LinkedIn following in the footsteps of social media giants Instagram and Facebook with this launch. Remember, the stories you post don't have to be slick or polished. They're a great tool to use, as it gives you the ability to show off your personality and true authentic self, as well as your core brand values. So give it a try!


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