Case Study

Increase in profitable ad spend
Reduction in CPA
Uplift in conversion rate

Why Aura?

Wild are the UKs fastest growing natural deodorant brand with a cult-like following. As a disrupter in the market, acquisition has been the primary focus. In order to unlock growth, Wild needed a creative solution that could capture attention, drive results and meet the volume needs of their rapidly growing ad account. Our formula has been a success for Wild over the past three years.

"Aura Ads has been vital in the growth of our ad account over the past 9 months. The ad creative they deliver is always super fun, engaging and most importantly delivers results. Getting winning ad creative every month has really allowed us to unlock spend and accelerate growth on paid social, allowing our business to grow faster!

Charlie Bowes-Lyon - Co-Founder

Our approach

Given the disruptive nature of the product, we knew that our creative had to make an impact to drive outbound clicks. In the first three months, we were lazer focused on the first three seconds of every video asset. Our aim was to uncover the key messaging pillars and supplementary visuals that were most successful in driving a high thumbstop rate. We knew that if we could maintain high engagement in the first three seconds, that we could build curiosity and ultimately drive clicks at the most efficient rate. We found that an odd or shocking visual in the first three seconds, in a vibrant studio setting was most effective.


Our work with Wild demonstrates the power of a single winning creative.

Over the past three years, we've been able to support a 4.6x increase in Wilds profitable ad spend. Our creative consistently drove a 20% lower CPA when compared to assets produced internally, and converted 10% higher too. Over 100 million views later, we helped Wild become a household name, with recognisable creative and

Ready to scale?

Ready to scale your DTC business?

With up to 70% of campaign performance rooted in ad creative, we believe in the power of a creative-led growth strategy for your digital channels.