Huel, What, Where?

Huel (as in Human + Fuel) is a nutritionally complete food, currently available in powder, liquid and bar forms. Founded in 2015 by nutritionist James Collier and entrepreneur Julian Hearn, the dream team disrupted the industry in a big way. Today, Huel is a global hit with a cult-like following of Hueligans.

You can make most Huel meals in a matter of minutes, and each meal is plant-based, packed with essential nutrients, sustainable, gluten free, and costs a couple of quid, max, per meal.
Tell us you’re not impressed.

One of the biggest D2C brands in the world, Huel’s run-rate revenue stands at £76m; an epic achievement for a 5-year old brand.

So why did they need us?

"Huel spends over £24 million a year on paid social..."

Like most eCommerce brands, Huel needs an ongoing pipeline of fresh, high quality ad creative to maximise their paid social performance. With an ad spend nearing £24 million a year, Huel are particuarly wary of ad fatigue and ensuring they are serving their audiences fresh creative on a regular basis.

And that’s where we come in.
Aura Ads exists to help D2C brands scale by providing a pipeline of conversion focused video ads. We pitch winning ideas, shoot, edit and deliver epic video content (that converts at up to 36x ROAS) within 25 days - every single month.

In month one, Huel needed a high-end unboxing video ad to showcase their Huel Starter kit as it would arrive on their target customers’ doorstep. As with all our ads, we bolted on an eye-catching scroll stopper to the first three seconds to maximise watch time. The results speak for themselves...

Check out the ad below!

The Results.

Facebook Purchases
Global Views
Higher Click Through Rate

In our first month with Huel, our deliverables single-handedly turned around Huel’s US performance, accounting for 49% of Facebook purchases, at a 34% higher CTR, all while maintaining the same cost-per-acquisition in comparison to their other creative.

But this is only the beginning. ..
We've since worked with Huel on their Hot & Savoury product launch. Our video ads drove a 15% higher CTR than average, and generated the second highest conversion rate of all Hot & Savoury ads, including a variety of other creative formats.

We've since gone on to work with Huel in the US and are so excited to continue nurturing this amazing relationship!

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