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Why Aura?

Huel are the pioneers of complete nutrition. As one of the fastest growing DTC brands in the world, acquisition is at the heart of their growth strategy. In order to keep up with their aggressive growth, they needed a creative solution that delivered consistent results and volume across key markets.

"Working with Aura Ads has been unbelievably helpful over the past 12 months. Their ability to produce video ads across all of our key markets has allowed us to scale spend internationally and helped to manage CAC when entering new markets. The creative themselves are always strong performers, meaning we’ve seen roughly a 10:1 Return on Investment from our spend with them

Ben Bokaie - Head of Performance Marketing

Our approach

Huel is a product that needs to be explained to be fully understood. Whilst the principles of complete nutrition are relatively straightforward, getting a prospective customer to understand all of the nutritional benefits whilst also understanding where it fits into their daily routine is a separate challenge. Our view was that lifestyle creative that showed the product in-use whilst also highlighting key benefits was the best way to drive a higher CTR and also conversion rate on site. This hypothesis proved to be correct.


Our work with Huel demonstrates the power of a single winning creative.

Over a two year period we were able to produce hundreds of assets in 8 different languages. We were a key component of Huel's growth strategy and all in all they saw a 10:1 return on investment over the duration of the relationship. Over 100 million views later, Huel has been one of our most successful relationships to date.

Ready to scale?

Ready to scale your DTC business?

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