Huel, What, Where?

Since its birth in 2015 Huel has been on a rapid growth curve, and is recognised as one of the fastest growing eCommerce brands in the world. In the UK they are one of the top five biggest spending advertisers on Facebook, matching brands like Microsoft and Tesco on Facebook spend.

Huel partnered with Aura Ads to accelerate performance creative production and drive better performance on paid social with direct response video ads. They were seeking an agile creative agency with the ability to produce DR creative at scale.

We continue to work with Huel on an ongoing basis, producing ad creative across key global markets, learning with our creative insights tool and using data to improve creative over time.

Our approach

We began with an audit of existing ad creative to understand what was currently working and where we could look to improve. We noticed a high volume of static & graphic ads but minimal video which we knew could instantly improve overall performance, particularly in prospecting campaigns. 

We worked initially to create a series of performance creative that would beat account average performance, and therefore prove our hypothesis around video. This creative exceeded expectations and performed well in all of Huel’s key markets. From there we built out a creative plan that covered production in all key Global markets around the world, providing deliverables tailored to all parts of the marketing funnel.

The Results.

Return on investment
higher click through rate
Global views